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TradeBelt.com is committed to provide online solutions against obstacles -such as sourcing qualified partners, high transaction processing cost and long lead time, for the products that need customizing.

TradeBelt.com is equipped with ProdsBelt™ grouping personal expansive showrooms designed to maximize advertising manufacturers´ customizing abilities and proprietary search methods for buyers´ easy browsing.

Our e-transaction platform facilitating cross-border trade is organically worked with TB Directory™, Prods Belt™, Catalog Forwarder™, Buyer Finder™ and My TB!

TB Directory™ is a database of 16 types of manufacturer information Particularly in South Korea. It features e-mails, main products, applications, certifications, patents, etc. It is specially designed by the TradeBelt staff to bring the most accurate and vast amount of information to buyers. In the near future, Tradebelt database will be expanded to manufacturers worldwide.

Prods Belt™ helps buyers easily find the appropriate manufacturers who can customize according to their specifications on the requested products as well as the products searched by special search engine with keyword / HS code and products category search. Each showroom in Prods Belt is composed of business details for buyers' easy and simple decision-making such as Company Profile, Products Information, Facilities and Technology.

Buyer Finder™ System picks out automatically current buyers as well as potential buyers matched with manufacturers´ products information. The system will grow up to "online full-stepped trade agency" with the best efficiency. Also the efficiency of Buyer Finder depends on the accuracy and concreteness of products information that manufacturers post.

Catalog Forwarder™ is the integration system for global automatic sales & marketing from picking out buyers to pre-transaction processing with them !! Manufacturers can make catalog including their whole showrooms in Prods Belt and send it to buyers with whom they want to make a deal from just some clicks instead of paying post bill and taking long lead time from sending printed catalog. Those who receive manufacturers´ catalog are composed of our own buyer DB and the list manufacturer made from Buyer Finder, etc.!!

My TB allows TradeBelt members confidentially control their own database that they create while using TradeBelt e-transaction platform and also can use personal communication channel with their current and potential biz partners.

Our devoted and energetic staff are a valuable aspect that we rely upon in meeting both sides´ online and offline needs such as locating and forwarding manufacturers´/buyers´ information (specially in S. Korea) including the credibility for buyers´/manufacturers´ targeted products, handling pre-transaction processing for both sides, etc.

TradeBelt.com database started with Korean manufacturer directory, however, Our directory database is being continually expanded to Global clients!! Pleas come back later and surf, if you cannot source biz partners or meet your needs.

We´ll develop current e-marketplaces´ basis pointed to pre-transaction into cross-border online procurement for direct goods

      Please send any request to for your business, we will do our best to let you get satisfactory solutions!!
      Or call 82-32-874-6603(Monday-Friday 09:00-21:00 Korea standard time) or 82-11-9046-6603 for urgent affairs!
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